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According to its nature and objectives , the Order of Saint Lazarus leave its ranks to those who can comply with the Constitutional Charter . This may lay men and women , singles and married , priests and pastors , religious men and women who are either Catholic or belong to the most important ecclesial communities .

The members of the Order shall be allowed as consistent with their personal situation and have the ability to choose . Nature of their involvement

Each member professes the Christian faith in a good relationship with his or her religious community and participates in the spiritual life of their Jurisdiction in an ecumenical way . Men can be appointed as a Knight and women can be installed as a Lady .

Members must be at least 25 years . However, it is possible to be received on the basis of the above criteria from 18 years as a shield bearer or Young Lady . In order

Chaplains should be devoted to the Christian Church , or one of the major religious communities and in harmony with their bishops are in good standing with her . Seminarians and students can be as newbies . Received in preparation for ordination

Depending on the nature of their involvement members of the order to be promoted to the following ranks :